TI7 prize pool tops $20 million

The International 7’s prize pool is closing up to last year’s $20 mil record

Only 50 days after the TI 7 Battle Pass was released, the total prize pool for The International 2017 tournament prize pool has passed $20,000,000 USD. This means the funding towards the tournament is only half way through, and another 50 days remain for players to purchase items / packages to help fund the tournament. There are many more items to be released by Blizzard which will definitely increase the total prize pool for TI7 by at least a few more million. It is expected that the TI7 prize pool will peak at around $27,000,000 to $28,000,000 million, which would establish the highest prize pool ever in esports history.

The International 2016 prize pool reached $20,770,460. last year, less than two million away from the current level of the TI7 total half way into it’s funding. The huge spike of the TI7 prize pool is greatly contributed to the weekend sale bundle which saw an astounding 3 million being funnelled in just a short 48 hours.