Tips to be a better Thresh

Here are a few quick tips to play Thresh much better

There are many tiny advanatges you may get if you learn how to play Thresh properly, and push his animation times and overall crowd control chains to the absolute max. All these small things will add up, and may even win team fights, since a faction of a second in a major team fight may result in hundreds if not thousands of free damage.

  1. Use you Q animation cancel. If you don’t need you flay for a kill for a pick, but only need to land the Q and then follow up with your teammates, cast Q and immediately flay to cancel the hook wind up time
  2. Landing hooks are all about determining the probability of you opponent walking a certain direction, and taking into account where they are able to path while you cast the hook. Always avoid over predicting with the Q, since you want to cast the ability as close to them, with minimal prediction incase they side step. This will allow you to hit them if they side step late, instead of missing in the time they have a later reaction.
  3. When you hook a target, try maximize the time and walk a bit further back before reactivating your Q to maximize crowd control time on the ability.
  4. Avoid stacking crowd control with your Q and E, use tip number 3, then E after they have been immobilized for the longest possible period