Titan vs TQM – StarLadder – Tips, Odds and Preview

Titan vs TQM


These two teams are pretty much at the opposite end of the spectrum. TQM have consistently been at the very top of the Tier One teams. Titan on the other hand have been struggling to maintain their position amongst the CSGO Elite. However this does not in any ways mean that Titan will be thrashed by TQM. A valid example of the same can be seen in their match for the Red Dot Invitational where both teams went into Overtime on Two of the maps. Titan eventually lost the series 2-1 however the fight they put up never made it look like they were out of the game.


Titan came true to their own selves yesterday in the Red Dot Invitational Group Stage against TQM. Two maps went to Overtime with Titan winning one,while TQM managed to win the other. The third map was Dust 2 and TQM won this match quite comfortably.Titan as a team have been practising a lot since they have had a prolonged vacation due to not qualifying for most of the tournaments towards the end of 2015. Titan have been working on improving their gameplay a lot. While that has not always translated into results, it has significantly improved their gameplay. Titans favorite maps include Cobblestone, Cache, Overpass. These are the three maps they are supposedly most comfortable on right now. Apart from this, there next two best maps would be Mirage and Inferno. Dust 2 is not a good map for them at all. A lot of Titan’s gameplay depends on how well or bad Shox plays during the particular match. Titan have been open to changing positions and tactics to find their perfect fit. Most of the times it has not worked for them. However their consistent efforts always seem to be making them better at the game all the while. 


TQM have had a short break but it has been riddled with uncertainty about their potential new sponsors. Even till now we do not know who their sponsors are, however from tweets by several players, the contracts have been signed for a majority of the players. The final formalities remain to be filled up. After they separated from TSM, their results have not been up to par with their result from the previous year. Their sponsor announcement will be on 19th January which is exactly a week from today’s match. Their Major performance was really bad with them losing to NIP in a 2-0 fashion.TQM are very strong on Dust 2 and Overpass. Yet they went all the way to Overtime yesterday against Titan. Even on Train, which is a map they have a 80% win rate they went to overtime against Titan yesterday. After we move on forward we see them defeating EnVyUs in a very easy manner on Overpass and Cache. However EnVyUs definitely looked out of sorts yesterday in their match. Overall TQM are the better team as compared to Titan, however in no way should this be a walkover for either team. If anything, we should expect a close series as we have seen yesterday between these two matches. 


Final Thoughts

A smart bet on this match would be to bet on Titan instead of TqM. Titan already have caused one scare against TQM  during the Red Dot Invitational. A slightly improved performance by them would result in them winning the series ( 2- 0 even). The better team amongst the two is definitely TQM, however the chances of Titan winning the series are much higher than normal.As such a smart bet would be on Titan instead of TQM , despite TQM being the better team. 


The Prediction : 65% – 35% TQM

The Bet : Titan