Titanfall 2 review



Adam Newell recently published an extensive review of the much awaited Game Titanfall 2 on Gamurs. We present some excerpts from his review.


BT is your robot titan buddy whom you will learn to love for his dialogue. It’s an odd twist, but an enjoyable one that sees you choose dialogue and laugh (or not) at the robotic responses BT throws at you. You see him learn, develop and grow to be more humanlike. It is a sci-fi cliché, but done in a way here that does not seem so stale.

The campaign as a whole builds slowly, gradually and humbly towards something greater, with an experience scoped around large scale maps and surprising emotional turnarounds. Players are given the freedom of expression and given a wealth of things to find and use in the world, instead of going along the lines of a linear campaign with no side quests or objectives as I was expecting.

The campaign is aided by tight controls that feel more fluid than those in the original game, which at times felt unresponsive or didn’t match the frantic action on screen. This adds to a game that doesn’t try to over-complicate things in its story, but still adds an emotional depth that will keep players gripped. It’s a nice touch to a story that no one really expected anything out of, but the only problem is the fact that sometimes these overly open campaign levels do feel too big and navigating them can become tedious at times.

There are several flaws in the campaign mode too, but comparing them to the pros that have been improved in the second edition of the game Titan fall 2 definitely feels much better. Overall the game feels like its been improved on Titan Fall. The developers have added a lot more features and made the game more ‘invested’

The same old modes reappear with Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and co making a return to the franchise, but some modes like Bounty Hunt don’t really seem to follow the core principles of what makes the game.


As is the norm on GAMURS, we have to weigh up its chances in an esport scene. I feel Titanfall 2 is a game that would benefit and rival games like Halo and Call of Duty if it were to make the jump.


Titanfall 2 is a surprising game that I did not see doing well. With the euphoria of games being released this month, I was worried it would swamp under the likes of Battlefield 1 andCall of Duty: Infinite Warfare. However, it’s good to see the game holds its own and it offers a completely experience than the original.



Source and full credit  : Adam Newell