TnC and Execration receive P-1 Visas right on time for T16

Great news for Dota fans, as TnC and Execration receive their P-1 Visa’s to travel to Seattle to play in The International 2016!

Visa approved

Securing spots in tournaments may seem to be easier to some than securing the P-1 Visa’s to play in tournaments around America. After a whole heap of trouble between professional players such as Leffen and the P-1 Visa’s to play professionally in tournaments, it’s great news that the  P-1 Visa’s were given to the teams that were about the play in the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year! The International 2016 tournament is of great importance to both teams, as it currently is boasting a prize pool of over $18,000,000 USD!

The international 2016 prize pool

Both these teams are definitely one of the top teams around, and it is supported by their qualification to represent their region at the TI6. The teams has previously applied for the  B-1/B-2 visas which were tourist visas, however, they were both told to apply for the P-1 Visa which could have potentially took several months. Luckily, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services were able to understand the importance of the situation and processed their P-1 Visas extremely quick. This was accredited to a few senators from both countries working together to help the players secure the Visas to play in the most important tournament of their career.

TnC were supported by Senators Bam Aquino and Sonnny Angara of the Philippines and U.S Senator Maria Cantwell and thanked them on their statement.

Execration too gave thanks to Senator Bam and Senator Maria Cantwell who helped the team’s application process.