Top 10 CS GO Players Dec 2015


10. Richard “shox” Papillon (Titan)

Shox was hailed as one of the greatest all time players on CS Source. Shox has had a very successful career, playing for a variety of teams like VeryGames in 2009, becoming a well-established top player during that time, joined Team ROCCAT, and later to join 3DMAX with current star ScreaM. Then back to VeryGames where he sat top of the world for 6 months. That team later disbanded.

He then found himself at one of the biggest teams in the world, EnvyUs. He later moved from that team to rejoin titan. Ever since returning to titan he has started to find his previous form, and showing us old glimpses of the old Shox. His impacts on pistol rounds are ridiculous and a massive boost to any team. He was a player who was always capable of turning a seemingly lost round to his team’s favor with a couple of precise headshots.

9. Freddy “KRiMZ” Johansson (Fnatic)

Krimz is a monster when it comes to fragging and game impact, in early 2015 KRiMZ continued to play well in his role as support, but with the change of meta and CT side becoming the more dominant side for his team and other top tier teams, we have seen him become more a consistent player. KRiMZ is a very smart player and always knows what to do has a habit of being at the right at the right time, usually thinking one step ahead of his opponent’s.

During his T side, he grinds away on opponents, always managing to grab that crucial one kill or trade which helps his team on the T side. On the CT side he is able to hold a site by himself leaving the rest of his team be able to stack the opposite site.

8. Robin ‘Flusha’ Ronnquist (Fnatic)

Flusha was hailed as one of the best on Fnatic for a very long time, as of recently he has dropped down a bit as his team has shined brightly over the past year, with Flusha being one of the three players to win three majors. Flusha plays a very passive role with rifles but is still able to come up with crazy frags when under pressure and is so well known for turning a bad situation into one of desire.

Flusha could be the best player on any team and choose any role but has accepted to play the small role that insures the success of Fnatic.

7. Ladislav ‘GuardiaN’ Kovacs (Natus Vincere)

The Slovakian AWPer has been in the counter strike community since 2012, with his first major team being Virtus.Pro but was only there for a brief amount of time.

He then Joined NaVi and has played a very important role in that team. With him being one of the most influential players in a top 5 team. As of recent he has had a lot more help with the addition to flame to the team. Guardian is known for his traditional style with the AWP, with his passive hold of angles his deadly sense of impending danger he can inflict so much damage to the opposing team in the blink of an eye.

He has been hailed as one of the best AWPers in CS history.

6.Kenny “KennyS” Schrub (Team EnVyUs)

In early 2015 KennyS was arguably one of the best AWPers in the game, he could consistently have the whole of Titan on his shoulders ensuring they would be able to compete against top tier teams from all around the world. When the AWP patch hit CSGO in spring, it seemingly hit Kenny hard, and he suffered with a very long term slump in form.

It didn’t label him as a bad AWPer, but it stopped him from accomplishing the insane plays he was performing early on in the year. Since joining EnvyUs, Kenny has started to return to his earlier status of a player. There is a reason that Olofmeister said Kennys the only player that he feared. With the help of his carry any team could outperform a top tier team.

5. Tyler Skadoodle’ Latham (Cloud9)

Skadoodle is recognized as North America’s best player, he is one of the world’s best AWPers. Since Joining Cloud9 (formerly of IBUYPOWER) in April he has changed the team drastically. He is very consistent and his team relies on his strong plays more than anyone else on the team.

He is expected to become a much bigger player in the future and it wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up joining one of the top teams later on if he can maintain his current form. His aggressive style of awping is backed up with the support of the riflers in Cloud 9 and as a result causes so much damage to the opposing teams.

4. Nicolai (Device) Reedtz (TSM)

Device has been hailed as the nex generation’s f0rest or Get_RiGhT by thorin a long time ago, and he has finally been able to prove that he is up to that level of skill. .

He no longer goes missing in big games, he now gets TSM thru alot of situations. device is the man who frags well on any map and can play at a star level against any team. this is what makes him such a great player.

3. Vincent ‘Happy’ Cervoni (Team EnVyUs)

Happy would have to be one of the best team leaders in my eyes. Happy is a leader that assesses the style of his team and looks to create favorable skill match-ups on the map. From doing so, we see him in good places at the right times to make those frags, which makes him unique as a leader.

He would have to be the best player in EnvyUS currently, who have also been a top three team for most of this year. He has also become the game’s best lurker (after GeT_RiGhT’s decline.) He can AWP, Lead one of the world’s best teams, and can use just about every weapon out there including the infamous desert eagle to unbelievable success. Happy is almost the complete player, and that is quite valuable for any team.

2. Janusz ‘Snax’ Pogorzelski (Virtus.Pro)

Over this year Snax has returned to his best, being VP’s best player with him being their main carry. He is the entry fragger any team dreams of having, he enters any bombsite with such outstanding confidence and pops heads off for fun.

Even at Gfinity champion of champions where VP lost 2:3 to the eventual champions, Snax was the only one still on the virtus pro side causing any real damage to the opposition team. During ESL Dubai he single handily destroyed Fnatic in the semifinals, leading VP into the final and eventually winning the major.

He was crowned MVP of ESL ESEA Dubai Invitational, also being the second best player all time at the majors. He has shined over the past 6 months, and I hope we see more from the polish masterclass.

1. Olof ‘Olofmeister’ Kajbjer (fnatic)

Olof has been recognized as the “king of counterstrike” and has been for a while now after the unbelievable decline of Get_Right and NIP. He has been the brightest star on one of the world’s best teams which is fnatic of course. He is probably the game’s most versatile player, being able to play passive/aggressive roles on both sides of the map, is able to handle any weapon at a high end of play.

Olof still being in his prime of his career could yet continue to climb as a player. In terms of success, he is one of the most accomplished players, and his level of play has reached a tier of excellence that only few have experienced. He might be a once in a lifetime player, so enjoy it whilst it lasts.