Top 10 Misused or Underused Cards

In Hearthstone card selection can be so very important.  You and the opponent only get 30 cards to use, unless using certain cards that RNG minions or other cards onto the battle field or into your hand.
The truth is Hearthstone has more than ten cards that are under used or misused but these ten will show you what I am talking about.  The point of this article is to show you are new or different ways/reasons for using these cards to get maximum use out of them.  Resource management is a huge part of Hearthstone and how and why you play you cards are as important as why you put them in the deck in the first place.

A big difference exists between a bad play and misuse of a card, even though the outcome can be the same—you lose.  For this article misuse is the common error a player makes when a card is played and the player choses to ignore its utility, upside or playing too early or late.  Under use is: People don’t use this card enough and it might be due to the metagame being tilted against the inclusion in decks right now or widespread misuse or misunderstanding of what that card can do with other cards.  So here we go:

Misused and under used cards:

1: Raven Idol:Capture

Now This card is a Druid only card and allows a person to choose minion or spell.  In Druid deck and most of the time two things are happening that cause this card to be misused.

One: The player is unsure what to choose a minion or a spell and inevitably makes the wrong choice often enough to make them feel this card is not very good.  A good way to use Raven Idol is to build a deck so that your end goal is already one of those choices.  I suggest always picking spell. Look at your hand when you draw Raven Idol and think about the cards on the board and what the opponent might be using to try and win that you have not even seen yet.  This seems hard at first but as you learn the metagame it does become easier.  Only choose minion if you really need some kind of minion.  Playing Raven Idol first turn is almost at all times a misuse of this card.  Nine out of ten times and early Raven Idol won’t help you win and won’t do one very important thing:  It won’t help smooth out what your hand lacks mid to late game.  Once you see the flow of the game, usually afte turn two or maybe three then you can start thinking about using Raven Idol.  Using this card sooner limits modal choices later and will in fact weaken the actual utility and usefulness of this card.

2: The Coin:Coin

Misuse of this card feels impossible when you look at it.

The Coin are for those players that go second.  Using it to do a first turn hero power is a mistake %99 of the time.  The other one percent isn’t worth talking about.  It is so much better to play it turn 3 to get out something that cost 4 or to put out any minion or cast a spell you are one mana away from hard casting.  The Coins should not be used to: Use hero power first turn or for that matter probably never.
Second you should more often use it to trigger combos for Rogue or to act as a card that satisfies: Whenever you cast a spell X happens if you are running that kind of deck rather than just throw it out  first turn and see what happens.

3: Ball of Spiders:bos

This card is Hunter only and costs 6 and some people don’t use it because they’d rather have Highmane.  However this puts three spiders in play that RNG beasts.  Once the Spider are killed they grant other beast resources for you to use.  One the card replaces itself not once but three time unless an AOE silence hits the board.  I just really think more Hunters could be running this card since they have very little card drawing most Hunter decks.  Ball of Spiders adds mid to late game resources and those resources are beasts.  Beasts can fuel and power up many hunter cards.  Next time think: Ball of Spiders.


4: Murloc Knight:mk

This card does not really cost 4.  I know you are looking at the Mana symbol right now and thinking, No 4 coins this guy is an idiot.  Look at the Inspire power: Summon a Random Murloc. The truth is this guy is really a six(6) drop all day because you need to be able to activate his power when played.  You cannot guarantee he sticks around during an opponents turn.  This card is misused because so many people drop it without using the Inspire power the turn played.  This guy works great with The Coin since on turn 5 you can coing out Inspire…getting a Murloc for 2 Mana.  So what Murloc Knight really is: A 6 cost minion if you know what’s good for you.  Next time you see him in your hand just think:  “He cost 6 not 4” and believe it, your game and your strategy and tactics will all see an uptick in shrewd play and maybe, likely, your win ratio will get an uptick too.

5: Tomb Pillager:tp

Let’s compare him to Spider Tank.  Spider Tank cost 3 and is a 3 attack/4 health minion with no special powers.  This minion cost one more but has two more attack and the same health.  It also give you a Coin When it dies.  It does compete with Piloted Shredder in the 4 drop slot but, and Shredder is an amazing card, it give you a coin for Rogue to combo off of when Tomb Pillager dies.  The 5 attack makes him a target and a threat to kill a high value Taunt or other enemy minion.  Understand you don’t plan on playing this minion to stay alive and hit face…but if he does that’s good.  What you want is a threat that can draw a high value kill spell or take out a high value target…in the exchange you get a coin that helps Rogue combo or cast a larger minion or spell than your current mana coins would allow.  He’s under used in play at only 29% of all Rogue decks in the last month.  He’s misused because he’s a battering ram, don’t try to keep him alive.  In arena when he’s an option Tomb Pillager is chosen 100% of the time.  He should be at least in half the Rogue decks in non-arena play, not just 29%.

6: Crush:crush

A seven cost kill spell seems like an overly high cost but just realize it can kill: Divine Shield minions, minions of any health and it ends up being far less expensive if you have a damanged minion.  Build your deck accodingly and Crush will fit into you deck with ease and be an extremely useful bit of removal.  The missuse and under use of this card is rampant.  The truth is Warriors don’t have too many ways to deal with that don’t have restrictions.  Execute requires a damanged enemy minion, Cleave needs two enemy minions to work and it might not remove both minions and possibly none of them.  Even Brawl leaves you minion and it still might not be your minion that survives.  Crush kills anything you can target and could cost as little as 3(three) and that’s a bargain. Understand it is okay to cast Crush for 7 if you need that minion dead.  Some just cast Ysera or Ragnaros and Crush takes care of it, even if you must cast for 7(seven) that could still work in your favor.  Now honestly casting it for less is the best option and does help with threat and resource management but don’t refuse to cast it and let a power minion tilt things in the opponents favor even more.  At some point Crush won’t matter versus an unbalancing minion if you wait to cast it till you can cast it cheaper. Warriors should run at least one Crush in most any Warrior deck.

7: Twilight Guardian:tg

You need a dragon to make this guy good enough to play.  Twilight Guardian should almost never be played unless you really need a minion if you don’t have a dragon in hand.  This card is only in about 6% of decks and less than 30% of the time is it chosen in Arena.  But this is a card with good stats to casting cost ratio.  Piloted Shredder steals the 4 drop slot very often but considering we are now seeing Dragon Druid evolving into the metagame…it’s time to give this card another glance or three for several deck types.  It deserves to occupy the 4 slot becaues with the Battlecry the dragon become a great defender of other dragons and good at killing numerous other 4 drops including the 4/3 Piloted Shredder that keeps stealing Twilight Guardian’s glory. I think Twilight Guardian fits best into control decks.  Play around with this card and the deck design that two copies of this dragon would fit into.

8: Saraad:ncs

He does not see enough play because his stats are bad.  Just like Murloc Knight this guy really cost 7 for a 4/5 not 5(Five)  The spell is random but this is not so bad. The likelihood of being able to use Saraad more than twice is not good unless you can protect him.  He fits best into mid-range control decks.  Of all the cards on this list he’s just about the hardest to justify the need for a second look.  However I do think this Legendary can find place in a few decks and possibly see a resurgence of interest after Hearthstone adds a few more cards.  Just remember if you use this card to cast it as if it cost seven because you want to Inspire the same turn.  One thing Saraad does demand is being killed or Silenced.  Once you can use his power at least twice he begins to add true value to  your hand and deck strategy and tactics.

9: Stampeding Kodo:sk

Numerous minions that are very dangerous in tempo decks or even midrange decks and many aggro decks can be killed off by Stampeding Kodo and the killing Battlecry can kill any minion in the game, no matter what.  The reason it’s not used more often if two fold:  A few cards in the five slot are extremely useful, Sludge Belcher comes to mind.  Like Twilight Drake it fights for a place in your deck.  Just remember it leaves behind a strong 3/5 body after it kills a random minion.  The other problem is that the kill effect is random, some people don’t like this. However it’s still a stout play against numerous minions and should not be the only weapon in your deck to deal with minions and other threats.  Using this card with some thought of what other cards go with it can make its addition to your deck more useful and hopefully you can get the maximum utility from the Battlecry as possible.

10: Master of Ceremonies:moc

A 3(three) cost card that can be 6/4 is very good.  Lets look back at Spider Tank one more time.  Spider Tank cost 3 and is a 3/4 with no special powers.  If you have a minion with Spell Damage this card become really interesting.  This card should find use in decks with many Spell Damage minions. The real reason this card sees little play is it really fits into the 4 slot, not the 3 slot because you need a spell damage minion to give her the boost she needs  to be threatening and useful.  The truth is she’s harder to justify than Saraad but that said consider this…if you play numerous minions that add to your spell’s damage then this minion in an aggressive control deck is a wonderful idea and deserves a second look too.  I challenge people to come up with ways to make this card useful.  It deserves more play than being in less than 1% of all Hearthstone decks.

Thanks for reading !