Top 5 LoL Plays of The Week – Starting Feb 22nd

This weeks top 5 plays come from far and wide, check them out and see if you agree.
5) In this play, team INTZ’s AD carry micaO on Lucian picks up a quadra kill around the baron pit. After CNB starts up the baron, and INTZ initates a fight, micaO is able to skirt around the fight, dealing damage where he can with Lucian’s Lightslinger passive. He then spots that he can kill Kog’Maw and dashes in, followed up by using piercing light to finish him off. From there he chases the Lissandra and manages to catch up to her for the quadra kill.

4) Here, Immortals are about 17k gold ahead of Team Liquid, and are pushing to end the game. After Alistar and Poppy go down, Huni, on Quinn, is able to go fully in, using vault to get closer to both Udyr and Zilean. After picking up the quadra kill, Liquid’s AD carry Piglet stands outside of the fountain, allowing Huni to get the penta kill.

3) Here, Echo Fox AD carry Keith picks up a quadra kill, turning the tide of the game into their favour. Despite losing mid laner Froggen, Keith is still alive and untouched, killing Ezreal first, and then the rest of the team. Team Liquid arguably tunnelled too far on killing Froggen that they had no resources left to take down Keith, and he was able to clean up.

2) In this clip, QG AD carry Peco, on the Ezreal is caught out when pushing the top lane tier 2 tower down. He initially tries to recall, but then uses Arcane Shift to dodge the Poppy dash. He then uses Mystic shot on cooldown to deal as much damage as possible, and the baron minions he is with contributed tonnes of damage as well. He takes down Poppy as she tries to run away with a final Mystic Shot, before Thresh falls to the baron minions.

1) In the top play this week, EDG has their midlaner Zed pushing down on LGD’s nexus turret, forcing LGD to try and engage so they have enough time to recall and save their base, however, EDG’s AD carry, playing Jinx, is able to stay out of harm’s way, first killing Alistar and Kog’Maw, and using the aoe from Fishbones, to deal massive damage to the clumped up targets. Then, Rek’sai goes in to attempt to cc Jinx, but dies before hand, Kennen uses his ultimate and Zhonya’s Hourglass, but fails to kill the Jinx, from there, with her passive she easily runs down Orianna and gets the penta kill, and wins the game.