Top and Flop 2015


The Best and Worst Cards of 2015

2015 was an incredible year for Hearthstone, two adventures were introduced: Blackrock Mountain and League of Explorers, as well as a new expansion “The Grand Tournament”. A total of 208 new cards were released, some have strongly affected the game, others have never seen actual use and few did not live up to there hype. Lets run through the best and worst of 2015!

Worst 3 cards of 2015:

3rd PLACE: Demonfuse: Totally inferior than “Power Overwhelming” has never seen competitive play.

2nd PLACE: Poisoned Blade: although it had aroused interest, a 4 mana weapon with 1 attack point, that requires continuous investment of mana to make it usable proved it’s pointlessness and has, in no way, contributed to Valeera comeback in competitive scene.

1st PLACE: Cursed Blade: undisputed champion of the category “the worst weapon ever”, useful just to get 20 dust. Oh, no, not even for that…

Flop 3 cards of 2015

(Flop mean those cards awaited since their announcement, but haven’t lived up to expectations at the time of the actual game):

3rd PLACE: Aviana: AMAZING CARD!!! She made a bang when she was announced and many believed that this would be the new best Druid card. However, a 9 mana drop, with very low stats, also if she has a strong effect on the cards, seams unusable… unless you play it with Malygos, two Faceless Manipulators and some spells for a “very light” combo.

2nd PLACE: The Mistcaller: Released with the Grand Tournament, he was part of that group of card that was trying to take back Thrall in competitive Ranks… from that point of view it definitely failed.

1st PLACE: Varian Wrynn: Some, at the first view, said that it needed to be nerfed, the Control Warrior found the perfect ending and what can be wrong with a 7/7 for 10 mana that allows you to draw 3 cards and and put them directly on the battlefield? Battlecrys do NOT activate and make Justicar Trueheart, Alexstraza, Shieldmaiden, Cruel Taskmaster, Big Game Hunter, Dr. Boom and so on unusable.

Top 3 cards of 2015

3rd PLACE: Reno “we’re gonna be reach” Jackson: Although arrived just one month ago, already established itself as the third most effective card of 2015. Alone he stopped Agro decks hordes, inspired a new deckbuilding philosophy bringing some great new invention to the entire game (Control Hunter… WHAAAT?!?!?). Nevertheless he has angered many players sure to have already won the game.

2nd PLACE: Mysterious Challenger or Dr. 6: The most important news brought from The Grand Tournament, the Secretdin, a new cancer deck for many, a new chance to get in legend easily for others. Revolutionized the meta since August.

1st PLACE: Emperor Thaurissan: The strongest, 6 mana, legendary card. Tie, as dangerousness, with the Challenger. With the greatest advance to be accessible to all classes and found space, virtually, in all competitive decks since April.

Additional information and notes:

1) Justicar Truehearth, in a game where the greatest difference between classes is given by hero powers, a creature that can change it so heavily should appear in the top three cards, but, the presence of three giants on the podium set her just in the fourth position. Garrosh, Anduin and Uther primarily benefited from this unique legendary card.
2) Grim Patron, introduced the strongest deck in HearthStone history but costed the Nerf of Warsong Commander and now it doest work as it used to but, surely, was a revolution for 2015!

And you guys? What do you think about the cards introduced in 2015? Which are the best and worst in your opinion?