Tornado Rox change two players


Torndao rox have played Overwatch for a very short time. The team has not had success over the course of this period. That being said, they have decided to change their roster for the time period. It is a major change, since three players will be leaving the organisation. In their position, three new players will be playing. These three new players will be stand-ins for the time being and their position will depend on how well the team performs in the upcoming weeks.


Engh , team captain ;

“Hello. We decided to greatly change our structure in the near future, removing Mistakes, Tonic and BuHorpaduHa. On a trial will be new players: Freed (curry), Txao (flex) and pkmk (a support), plus I, as I said, changing role on the second tech support that is better suited coordinator. New players have a high MMR and a good understanding of their roles in the game, I think this is a good reinforcement for us. “

Kozrog, Acting esports director ;

“In our part of accumulated internal problems to be solved: the team did not manage to jump over certain strips and within the team accumulated stress. We gave the captain the opportunity to view a wide pool of candidates, and after a series of test games, he stopped at the top three players, which we take for a trial period and will take the team if they fit into the team. The new line-up, we are again ready to fight for the top places in the Overwatch discipline. “