Torpedo vs ENCE – Counterpit Tips, Odds and Preview

Torpedo vs ENCE

Counterpit League

This is a best of two match for Counter Pit League Season 2. The tournament is still in its nascent stages with this match being one of the earliest matches in the group. You can check the image of the tournament standings as of 9th February below.


As you can see Torpedo is leading, but considering there have been hardly any matches played it really does not matter. Torpedo has been on a really good success rate having won all their matches from literally the past 1-2 months. Do take that with a pinch of salt as they definitely were on a vacation D:

CounterPit League Standings on 9th February

ENCE on their part have been playing decent. There have been matches where they crushed their opponents with score lines of 16-1, 16-3 however at the same time they also faced losses at the hands of SK and LDLC.White. Both these teams ( SK and LDLC) are on a slump in their own right and losing 0-2 to them does not inspire confidence in ENCE. ENCE are basically a finnish lineup consisting of the star players of the region.


Overall  ENCE players definitely are better than Torpedo. Not only are they better in skill, but also in experience and probably map pool. A bet on ENCE is recommended, but if the odds go haywire ( above 75% for ENCE) a small bet on Torpedo would be recommended


The match should be close. it should go all the way to three maps. However that being said, ENCE does have the advantage and should be able to pull off the Win


The prediction : 70%-30% on ENCE.
The Bet : Low on ENCE ( However if odds for ENCE cross 75%, then go low on Torpedo).