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Torpedo vs

Today we analyse the match up between the two Swedish sides that are Torpedo and in a best of one event that is in coalition with CEVO Professional Season 9 Placement EU. The game commences at 7PM GMT. This will be an interesting game to spectate and see how Publiclir have prepared for this game after their previous tear-down of a game that happened on the 10th of February, only four days ago with scorelines of (Mirage 16 – 12) and (Overpass 16 – 8). have won three of their last five games giving them an overall win rate of 60% of their last five games while in total of all games they have ever won is only 40% with all time results of 27 / 3 / 38. They have won their recent games against FM.Esports, Nevermind and Team Empire. The only familiar team to me is FM.Esports with CRUC1AL on their line up.

Torpedo have won four of their last five games achieving them an recent win rate of 80%. The have an all time win rate of 65% with all time results of 17 / 1 / 8. Their losses have a huge difference in comparison with


Torpedo: Malle, darti, atter, Deventer, downie DomiNate, quix, FejtZ, HS, tease

My prediction: 82% win in the favor of Torpedo due to their previous 2-0 scoreline only 4 days ago.

Happy Valentines Day.

Calvin Hynes.