TQM vs NaVi – StarLadder Tips, Odds and Preview

TQM vs NaVi

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NaVi’s performance has not been upto mark in this tournament so far. They have not been able to show us the performance that has been constantly displayed by them during mid   2015. One of the major reasons for this is Guardian not performing to the best of his abilities.


Their first match in this tournament was against Cyberzen. It was a whitewash obviously since NaVi won the match quite easily without any problems at all. The score-lines for the matches were 16-5 and 16-7.


The second match was against LG. LG performed really good in that match and scored a victory over NaVi. It was almost very close with the game almost ending in a tie at 15-15 but some really good performance by Coldzera saw LG winning the map. The second map was MIrage. Mirage is a fairly good map for NaVi, but it is also one of LG’s best maps. LG eventually won the map quite easily with a scoreline of 16-9. This series showed several loopholes for the CIS team as they were missing several shots and making various situational plays that always backfired on them.


The lower bracket matchup was against Gamers2. Gamers2 started off really strong with a 5-0 lead over NaVi. The score went on to a 7-8 round lead for Gamers2. However NaVi put on a really strong CT side on Dust 2 where they managed a almost sweep on their CT side. They won the map in overtime 19-17. The second map was a map that was NaVi’s choice. They had picked Train against Gamers2. They got a good lead on their Terrorist side with a  9-6 switch during half time. But their CT side was left much to be desired as they were constantly getting out aimed by Gamers2. Gamers2 were not even performing to the best of their abilities, yet they did manage to take the matches really close against NaVi on both the maps.




TQM has been the example of close matches in this tournament. A majority of their results have been riddled with score-lines of 16-14, 16-13. These score-lines indicate some really close matches which could have gone either way.


Their first match was against Titan. The French team have just lost their sponsor. They definitely are looking forward to practising and playing well as a team. Shox and Ex6tenz really showed up for this match. The first map was on Dust 2. TQM are easily one of the best teams on Dust 2 currently. They won it without any problems 16-7. The second map was on Train. This was Titan’s pick. It is a map that they have obviously practised a lot and they are confident on. Titan were on the cusp of victory as they had a very good lead of 14-9. However a 3v2 loss against TQM saw their economy getting damaged irretrievably. They never suffered from the shock and went on to lose the map 14-16. If anything, TQM did not look convincing during this map against Titan. Titan should have won the second map easily however they did not and eventually TQM won the series 2-0.


The second map was against EnVyUs. A gruelling series in which both the teams kept trading rounds constantly. The veto decided a lot in this match as TQM really needed to win the first map Mirage in order to stay in the competition. However they were unable to close out the match and they lost the map 16-14. Something really interesting to watch in this map was that Karrigan who usually is really good on Mirage was missing some really good and easy shots. That usually resulted in EnVyUs getting the entry frags and they were just steamrolling from there. The second map was Inferno. EnVyUs were ahead right from the beginning. TQM managed to get themselves back in the game with a mini comeback in the latter part of the first half closing out the half at 9-6. TQM however were not able to perform good on their own T side and lost the map 16-13.


The third and latest map was against Fnatic. The first map was Dust2. As has been already said above, You can see that Fnatic’s better map is Dust2. They showed their prowess on this map as they defeated a very Tired looking TQM 16-10. Something to note is that TQM actually had only 3 hours of sleep the night before. It was due to late arrival and grabbing a bite really late in the night for TQM . If you watched the match, you would see Dupreeh literally sleeping on the stage itself as they were about to start the match. Their first match was not good as they lost 10-16 to Fnatic. The next map is a map that Fnatic has not been very good in their new iteration. They have not played it much and their lack of experience on this map was evident as they lost the map. The third map went to Inferno. Inferno is one of Fnatic’s best map and they had a very comfortable win on this map to win the series

Veto Prediction


  • NaVi ban Cache
  • TQM ban Cobblestone
  • NaVI ban Overpass
  • TQM ban Train
  • NaVi pick Inferno
  • TQM pick Mirage
  • Last map is Dust 2


If the maps go according to the prediction, TQM have a advantage on Inferno and Dust 2.


The Prediction :  TQM 65%  – 35% NaVi

The Bet : Medium TQM


Fanobet : 2-1 TQM