Transfers to Turkey Server for 1 RP

If you are in the EU West / EU Nordic & East servers, you are eligible for the transfer

To promote the Turkey server to reduce stress on the EU servers, along with reducing over lag for Turkish players, Riot is now encouraging players to transfers to the official Riot Turkey server. In a post, Riot mentioned that all players in Turkey currently playing on other regional servers such as the EU server or NA server have been given ONE RP. This is so players without RP / have never bought RP before are able to make their transfers, a great move by Riot to ensure free players are not forced into buying RP for the transfer.

In addition, any player that purchased the transfer from June 9th to June 23rd are eligible to have their transfer cost refunded. To do so, Riot has stated they must message Riot support for the full refund, where they guarantee if eligible, will receive the RP within a month.

Also, if you are a Turkish player on the NA server, the offer will not automatically appear in the shop. The post mentions that players from other regions wishing to transfer to the Turkish server are required to message Riot support.