Tricked vs LDLC.Blue – Operation Kinguin #2 Tips, Odds and Preview

Operation Kinguin

Tricked and LDLC.Blue  are matched up against each other in the Operation Kinguin Match to be held on the 10th of March 2016 at 18:00 CET. This match is a part of Group Stage 2 match for the tournament.



Tricked were definitely the surprise package of this tournament. They had a very difficult group and very few people expected them to win against teams such as SpaceSoldiers and Eu4ia. However they won two consecutive matches and directly qualified into the next stage. This is their first match in the Group Stage #2. The teams in their group include SK, LDLC.Blue and GameAgents. SK Gaming are definitely the favorites in this group. However the next spot is up for grabs and it should be a closely fought contest between Tricked and LDLC.Blue. So the outcome of this match becomes even more important.


Tricked have won several good matches against teams such as K1ck, Copenhagen Wolves and SpaceSoldiers. Their recent losses include losses to DenDD and a puggy team called Newstyle. Either ways these results are quite commendable especially when we consider the quality of teams that they have managed to be victorious against.




LDLC.Blue have been in a general slump recently. Their performance has been quite lacklustre with most of their wins being against much weaker and lower skilled teams in general. The team has lost against LDLC.White and won matches against no-namers such as Xeno Dragons. Their win over Epiphany Bolt cannot be considered seriously as EB were in a slump which resulted in them parting ways with the organisation three days earlier. LDLC.Blue have not been too active recently and that should result in less than optimal play.


Overall this match might come down to how LDLC.Blue perform. Their form was absent prior to their mini break. If that continues, we might very well see Tricked advancing from this group.


The Prediction : 67%-33% LDLC.Blue

The Bet : Low on Tricked