Tricked vs Pride, Tips, Odds and Betting Previews – Gauntlet EU #1

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Tricked and Pride are matched up against each other in the SL I League S2 EU Qualifiers to be held on the 10th of August 2016 at 1800 CEST.

Tricked lineup consists of

  • Inzta
  • JUGI
  • Hunden
  • Percy
  • Niko

Their only victory over the course of the past five matches has been a 16-12 best of one victory over Arch Angels. Considering how badly ArchAngels are performing themselves, this victory is not worth mentioning. The roster has a lot of experience but in terms of raw aim and skill, they seem to be lacking the necessary skill.


Their match is against Pride whose roster is as :

  • morelz
  • repo
  • reatz
  • EXUS
  • SOON

This roster has hardly made an impact in their matches so far, losing to almost every team. Their roster has achieved just one win against Spirit. The roster itself is not well known and they have not had any matches / cups to their name. Overall in terms of experience and skill Tricked seem to be ahead, albeit slightly

The Prediction : 60%-40% Tricked

The Bet : Low on Tricked