Tricked vs Spirit, Tips, Odds Betting Previews – Gauntlet tournament


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Tricked and Spirit are matched up against each other in the tournament to be  held on the 16th August 2016 at 2200 CEST.


Tricked has a Danish roster. The tricked roster has had mixed results so far losing 2-0 to some teams while winning 2-0 to some teams. They have not been particularly impressive in their results and their inconsistency is clearly visible for all to see.


Spirit on the other hand has been winning all their matches even though they are all best of three matches. The CIS roster has been particularly impressive in their execution of set plays to disarm their opponents. Sometimes aggressive posts mixed with cautious aggression had Georg them gain lots of information regarding the positioning of the enemy players.

The Prediction: 70℅-30℅ Spirit

The Bet: Medium Spirit