Tricked vs Torpedo – Uprise Champions Cup Season 4 – Tips, Odds and Preview

Operation KinguinTricked and Torpedo are matched up against each other in the Operation Kinguin to be held on the 11th of April 2016 at 13:30 CET.



  • Tricked’s recent match results – Tricked Recent matches
  • Tricked haven’t played against many of the top tier teams with the exception of SK. They lost to We Got Game and an unknown team, FAB 😀


  • Torpedo’s recent match results – Torpedo Recent mat hes
  • Torpedo have consistently put up solid performances against much better teams winning matches against Alternate Attax and Arcade. They also won an easy match against Binary Dragons. The team has been doing pretty well for themselves and they have not yet given a reason not to bet on them
  • The Swedish team although unknown a few months ago have definitely made a name for themselves in the professional scene

The Prediction :60%-40% Torpedo

The Bet : Low on Torpedo