Truth about IG



A player by the name of Ana has written a long and informative post on reddit which underscores the injustice done to him by a prominent organisation such as IG.

We will just list out the post below for you to read and draw your own conclusions :

Hi guys,

Everything you’re about to read is the truth, and even though it probably won’t help me I hope others learn from my mistake.I never wanted to post or bring this drama to the public but I have exhausted all possible channels of communication and I am at my wits end.

I guess most of you don’t know me since I’m not a top player, so I’ll give a brief intro to my background. I’m a 16 year old Australian born Chinese/Viet mix who left the final year of high school to try play dota2 professionally and my family isn’t exactly well off so my success in dota is very important. My friend & manager, Tian (CEO of, a Chinese dota2 coaching platform) helped me piece my thoughts and write this post.

Proof its me.

Tian has been my friend even before I went to China, we used to play Aus pubs together a lot and when he understood my situation he recommended me to try pro dota2 for a year. With the help of Tian I left for China on 17th of Jan and stayed with hes family until end of March, during this period Tian used his connections in China and had vouched for me to trial at different clubs, EHOME.K, VG.R and IG. I was very new to pro dota and seriously sucked so I was beyond ecstatic that IG were interested in offering me a position.

Tian helped me read and alter a thick contract between IG, ACE and myself. Initially the contract was heavily favored toward IG and left very little protection to myself. IG could let go of me as they wished, didn’t guarantee me prize money split, couldn’t guarantee me play time and was a two year long contract. The offer was for me to play as IGV’s main player, but that Ferrari430 may come back at some point and at that point I could either switch to the other IG roster or play as sub.

Because of this Tian made multiple adjustments to the proposed contract including but not limited to the following,

  • I would have equal prize money with all 5 players in non valve events whether I was a main player or sub
  • I would have equal prize money with 4 players (BBK, XXS, QD, Rong but excluding Ferrari430) in Valve events
  • The contract would only last 1 year instead of 2
  • That I would be guaranteed some play time in scrims and minor tournaments
  • That I would be provided a teacher for Chinese and Math That all my travel costs to renew my Chinese visa would be paid for

After many iterations back and forth IG finally agreed to these changes, however when we went to sign, none of the agreed upon changes made it into the final contract. I immediately contacted Zhili, IG’s COO and he guaranteed that it was a clerical mistake and that everything IG promised will hold even though the contract had been changed. He said that it would be too late to reprint and to trust his word on it. My mother in Australia signed the contract for me as I am still underage.

Fast forward a few weeks, Ferrari430 was suddenly back and IGV renamed to IG and IG renamed to IGV, I was told I could play mid for IGV (Paparazzi’s stack) or sub for Ferrari430. It was a very tough decision, but I chose to stay with IG because IG promised me that even though I was a sub I would still get equal share of prize money and IG also promised that it would be the final year for Ferrari430 and that he was definitely retiring after TI regardless of result. Had I known what was about to happen to me I would have never chose to be benched for 4 months as a sub.

After returning to the team Ferrari430 played very well in the NEA online qualifiers and helped IG secure LAN final in Beijing and then abruptly left the team. I was subbed in last minute and played only in the LAN finals but luckily we were able to secure the victory over Newbee.

Fast forward a few months and a lot has happened or should I say not happened. Ferrari430 came back to train for TI qualifiers and again I was benched. During my entire stay at IG, no attempt at getting me a Chinese tutor or translator was ever made, I was excluded from most team meetings because according to the management I did not understand Chinese, I was never compensated for costs related to renewing my Chinese visa. Overall the management of the team was very poor and there was little communication between management and myself.

Fast forward to the beginning of post TI shuffle, management didn’t proactively let me know whether they had a spot on the team for me and whether Ferrari430 would stay or leave. In the end Tian and I had to wrestle the truth out of them, they did not want me on the main or IGV roster but said that they would make a third team for me. This sounded like a poor attempt at benching me again for a season since no players other than myself were confirmed for IG’s 3rd team. Guess what? Its October and IG does not have a third roster.

Their excuse was that I could not communicate with the team when in actual fact my mother is Shanghainese and that makes me half Chinese and I understand all the dota2 terminology, items, heroes, skills how to coordinate in fights, I was also willing to learn. 不能给我一个机会? The truth of the situation is that they were already in talks with bigger name players and they had time left on my contract and didn’t know what to do with me. When we asked them who was on this supposed 3rd team of IG or even what the name was no information could be provided to us.

There are a lot of rumors on the Chinese forums that I left IG because I could not speak Chinese or eat Chinese food. That is all false, I can understand enough Chinese for pro dota and I love Chinese food, but I also enjoy western food. Is that a crime?

I really wanted to continue playing with my boys in IG but management didn’t let me. This is when Tian started negotiating my release from IG because they didn’t have any real plans of having a third team, as far as I know I was going to be benched for another season. I would rather go back to school if I could not find a good team and was a sub doing nothing again.

I was finally paid my winnings from NEA late September and it was ¥51,200 RMB out of a grand total of ¥800,000 RMB and the rest of the players were paid over ¥100,000 RMB. I am also yet to be paid for my DPL (over $2000 USD) or G-League winnings (over $2000 USD).

When we contacted IG regarding the discrepancy between what I was paid and what was promised they made excuses and eventually cut contact with us. They simply don’t acknowledge that they promised me equal share of prize money even when presented with proof, VK (IG CEO) even went as far as belittling my manager for wanting more than I got and that it was a joke that we were even talking to him for so little money because he is such an important man. In the end VK (CEO), Zhili (COO) have all stopped replying messages from Tian and myself and I am short over $12,000 USD.

I am deeply sad that such a world renowned club would be ruined by such poor management. How many players have been ripped off by IG or other shady clubs? Will Ferrari430 ever receive his Ferrari promised to him by IG? Are promises worth nothing unless written in the form of a contract?

Here are the transcripts (In Chinese) between Tian and IG.Zhili (IG COO) The transcripts are basically Zhili promising us equal share of prize money and when confronted with his own chat history he ignores us.

Here are the transcripts (In Chinese) between Tian and IG.VK (IG CEO) The transcripts are VK belittling Tian and basically ignoring the evidence that the COO of IG promised us equal pay.

I don’t see how I will ever get this 12k back and it is a lot of money for my family and I. I guess I am just really sad about this whole situation but I have learnt my lesson. Finally, I just want to make it clear that my beef is with IG’s management and I have NOTHING against the players in IG, I made many friends there and I am grateful for that and still chat with them day to day.

If on the off chance that Wang Sicong reads this post, please return to me what I am owed and stop letting bad management ruin IG.


EDIT: a nice redditor translated my manager’s imgur chatlog with Zhili and VK.

Comment from my manager: To those saying I should not have advised Ana to sign an altered contract. I recognise it was a risk however at that time it was a take it or leave it but if we take it IG promised us verbally the terms we wanted. It was still in Ana’s best interest to take and sign the contract, as starting a career in a team was more important to Ana than money, this however does not take away from IG’s wrong doing. Secondly according to Chinese law wechat chatlogs are absolutely admissible in event of contract dispute. This is a link with My managers Chinese statement and my statement. Scroll down to top comment if you want to read the english translation of it tho.