TSM Kicks Head Coach WoodBuck – League of Legends

tsmTSM’s newly recruited Head Coach, picked up only late last year has been fired from the team. This follows after TSM recent rebound in form from their previous poor performances. So why was Woodbuck told he was no longer needed?

Tsm coach kick

Well, WoodBuck hasn’t been showing much lately, even behind the scenes, he doesn’t have much of a presence in the group. For example, he wasn’t very active on Twitter, only tweeting once every couple of days, compared to the other coaches or players which have been more active, tweeting several times a day.


TSM released on an official statement that they released woodbuck because “he was unable to progress at a rate where he could become the coach”. TSM claims that his coaching methods “may have been effective in a traditional sports “. This is quite an interesting statement as TSM requested a coach that had experience in a previous sport management when hiring last year.

It is unclear what the now jobless coach will do, as he has not announced any plans for his future as of this moment.

tsm coach kick 2