TSM Picks up a new Overwatch team!

Following Fnatic’s announcement to join the Overwatch scene, TSM has revealed their new Overwatch roster.

TSM has previously opened applications for OW teams to submit their interests in joining the TSM family. The Overwatch scene is now the greatest interest of various Esports organizations, as shown by many other teams too such as Fnatic, which only a day ago announced they will be picking up a new roster. Solo mid has decided that they will be signing with Code7’s Overwatch team after waiting for the “right fit”.

Code7 has previously beaten TSM’s arch rivals Cloud 9 in the scene, and they have also qualified for the ESL Atlantic Showdown which boasts a huge $100,000 prize pool. Code7 is already a major team in the Overwatch community, and it is expected that wining the ESL Atlantic Showdown will dramatically boost the team’s outreach. Since Overwatch is growing, there will definitely be more major tournaments coming up, so TSM’s decision to sign a team now is great for their growth as one of the world’s leading Esports organizations


Information about the ESL Atlantic Showdown can be found Here

TSM Overwatch Roster :

  • Anthony “harbleu” Ballo
  • Jake “torkTJO” Lepoff
  • Nicolas “NicolasTJO” Aubin
  • Joey “Jkw” Wavering
  • Joe “Joemeister” Gramano
  • Jack “Shake” Kaplan

They have yet to announce if they will be hiring a dedicated coach for the team, however, the is no doubt that the existing TSM coaches will be a great filler for the team while they find one. Since Overwatch is a reasonably new game, it is understandable that TSM doesn’t want to seek out a coach until they are more comfortable to judge the skills and communications of the competitive players.