TSM vs. Cloud 9 – NA LCS week 6 – Previews & predictions

TSM vs c9

Choo choo!! All aboard the TSM hype train!

TSM are looking absolutely unstoppable; defeating every single team in NA in a best of three series. Last week, CLG attempted break their momentum but only fell flat on their faces. The only thing that CLG managed to take during the two game series was first blood, before losing both games at around the 30-minute mark.

C9 on the other hand come out of a 0-2 week 5; losing to both Team Liquid and Immortals. Both Team Liquid and Immortals played very aggressive games; they suppressed the C9 bot-lane, camped the hell out of Jensen and pushed very hard in lane-swaps. C9 was unable to adapt properly to such aggression, creating early gold deficits and lost lane pressure.

When it comes to the aggression that C9 lost to, TSM have perfected playing aggressively. If C9 has not properly adapted to supporting Jensen when he gets camped, consolidating their bot-lane mechanics to prevent losing 2v2 fights and have Impact react more effectively with TP; TSM should have this series in the bag.

Prediction: TSM 60% | C9 40% (2-1 TSM Victory)