TSM vs Faze | E -League| Tips Odds and Previews

E-League first 6

TSM and Faze are matched up in the Group stage match of E League to be held on the 15th of June 2016 at 12:15 EDT

Map 1 = Cobblestone

Map 2 = Train


TSM on the other hand are one of the better T2 NA teams. They have been improving in their performances recently, but to say it’s on a level near to that of Faze would be quite the exaggeration. Now let’s talk particularly of the maps.




TSM have played Cobblestone an astonishing 10 times in May alone.Granted a lot of these matches have been against a lot of NA teams and hence the average skill level is lower ( sorry NA fans); but when a team plays a particular map so much it’s granted that they are quite comfortable on it. Yesterday TSM did manage a decent 13 rounds on Cache ( NA map?) against Fnatic. It does seem that they are much more comfortable on Cobblestone than other maps. The winner of this Group will have a chance to directly play in the playoffs, whereas the second position will play in the last chance qualifier ( with other good teams).


So Faze literally got 16-0’d yesterday in their match against Fnatic. But you have to remember that Faze are not actually that bad on Cobblestone. Despite it being one of the worst maps traditionally for the side, the team was actually quite good on it ( against Flipside) at ESL Cologne Main Qualifiers. That being said, it’s always been historically a bad map for Faze.


Now in terms of aim, Faze > TSM ( no doubt about that).This match is quite important as every point does matter to the teams. But the fact that Faze will almost surely not face Fnatic in the semi finals ( #1 faces #4; #2 faces #3) does seem to lower the importance of this match.


I think the odds are way too high in favor of Faze right now ( especially for Cobblestone)


The Prediction : 70%-30% Faze

The Bet : Low on TSM




Faze Results on Train = 2/4 in May 2016

TSM results on train = ⅘ in May 2016.

Much of what I said for cobblestone and before applies here, however the odds on CSGL are 85-15 and it is a best of one. I totally do not like the odds here and would suggest a Low and equal bet on TSM for both the maps.


The Prediction : ( For Train) 65%-35% Faze.

The Bet : Low on TSM.