TSM vs. Team Envy – NA LCS week 8 – Previews & predictions

tsm vs envy

All aboard the TSM hype train! Choo Choo!

TSM are spitting nothing but fire this split, harbouring some of the best games, biggest win streaks and team statistics the NA LCS has ever seen. Given the sheer momentum that they carry and the fear factor they radiate upon their opponents, many, if not all teams are crushed under the might of Team Solo Mid.

Team Envy is trying to speed ahead of the pack and claim a third place finish. However, their current mediocre performances have them losing to teams like NRG.

If history was to repeat itself, Envy will lose to TSM, the same way they have been losing to Team Liquid, Immortals, CLG and Cloud 9.

Prediction: TSM 75% | Team Envy 25%

The Bet: Team Envy is highly unlikely to win. Bet TSM to win the series or map(s).