TSM Wildturtle for IEM Oakland!


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT by TSM, WildTurrtle will be rejoining TSM for IEM Oakland!


Following the announcement that Doublelift will be taking a break for the Spring split, TSM needed an ADC to fill the open ADC position for IEM Oakland. This is a great call by TSM, since WildTurtle as a former TSM star has great relations with the team, especially Bjergsen. The announcement will definitely boost team morale, even with players not on the active roster such as Dyrus.

It is likely that Turtle will stay on with TSM even though the video said he was “unsure”. If TSM win IEM Oakland, it is almost certain that WildTurtle will stay with TSM for the rest of the Spring split and will then go in a play off for the TSM ADC position in the Summer split, where he will compete against Doublelift and other players.