Tugux vents about Dreamhack Bucharest Invite


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Dreamhack Bucharest recently announced the invite for Team Dignitas. This has put off some players from other teams such as Tugux from Space Soldiers.

Space Soldiers had managed to defeat Dignitas in the Dreamhack Bucharest Qualifiers.


The details of the match can be seen here. As you can see SpaceSoldiers managed to win easily against Dignitas on Cobblestone. A scoreline of 16-4 shows how impressive Space Soldiers were against Dignitas. The second map was much closer, however Space Soldiers still managed to win against them.


The big shock however was when Dignitas were invited to Dreamhack Bucharest despite not being able to win against Space Soldiers. This shows how prejudiced the tournament organisers are with respect to invitations. The invitations are not based on merit but on popularity. This bodes really bad for the newer teams.


What are your opinions on this?