Turtle leaves TSM for FQ

Upon the return of Doublelift, WildTurtle has departed to join FlyQuest

TeamSoloMid has announced that while they wished to keep WildTurtle as a substitute player who would’ve been subbed in occasionally simular to SKT’s model with Faker and Easyhoon, WildTurtle has declined the offer only to sign with FlyQuest. TSM’s statement mentioned that upon Doublelift’s return, WildTurtle continued to want a full time starting roster position which was impossible for the team, as many still view Doublelift as the NA’s best ADC. This prompted WildTurtle to look in joining another organisation, and has now decided on FlyQuest. TSM insisted that Turtle and them remain on good terms and that the team wishes the best for the future.

WildTurtle will join FlyQuest and return playing with his former teammates, namely Hai, LemonNation and Balls which were all on Cloud9 at one point together prior to Turtle leaving to join TSM. SoloMid has also stated that they are glad to see Turtle join a team that Turtle “both likes and respects”. While Turtle has not played with them in an extremely long time (4+ years), it is extremely likely they will continue to keep up their amazing team work from their years of friendship, even though WildTurtle was signed with rival team TSM for an extended period of time.