Tweets considering G2’s embarrassing performance at worlds

G2 finished with a 1-5 score at worlds, unable to even advance to the quarter finals

G2 Esports was considered by many analysis’s and players alike to be a tournament favorite to take out worlds as they took out first place in EU. Unexpectedly, they almost lost all of their games in group A, only pulling a single win against Albus Nox Luna.

This embarrassing performance from G2 as EU’s first team really damages the EU reputation, as EU is usually the go to region for League of Legends memes and phrases, eg. “That was an EU gank” when a jungler turret dives and misses the kill.

The “Pick’em challenge” where players who picked the teams correctly who will be advancing the group stage and knockout stage will receive points based on their correct picks. I don’t think anyone wil be reciveing the “grand prize” which requires someone to guess every group perfectly along with the world champion since I highly doubt anyone didn’t pick G2 or CLG for group B. Even Brian “TheOddOne” Wyllie tweeted that it wwas extremely unlikely someone would win the pick em challenge.