Twitch announces Subsriber Loyalty and integration with Amazon Prime.


Twitch Con 2016 started with a bang. The Keynote address by Twitch CEO Emmett Shear delivered a series of new features.

The new features include :

  • Full HTML 5 player
  • Loyalty Badges
  • Integrated AmazonPrime Benefits

Twitch has been the target of severe competition from other sources. Several smaller streaming websites such as Dingit, Hitbox as well as Youtube Gaming have entered the fray. These announcements are made by twitch to retain its viewers by providing them the comfort of being on the Twitch platform. Users can now upload clips to twitch. This eliminates the need for youtube. Sharing clips with others is made quite easy with Twitch clips. There was a time when clipping websites were gaining considerable ground, but once Twitch Clips has come out other websites have definitely fallen out of favor.


Twitch Prime is a service which will be an additional service available to Amazon Prime users. Amazon prime is available for $9.99 monthly or $99 per year.

In addition to the new feature announcements, Twitch also revealed some new stats. The most-watched new release game of 2016 was Overwatch. There are 17,208 partnered streamers as of this year, with over 2.25 million people streaming in 2016.

Twitch also revealed that over 166 million bits (the “currency” used to cheer) have been used via its donation system, Cheers, on 2,479 partnered channels. Cheers debuted on Jun. 27 on limited beta. The service cuts out the need for broadcasters to use a PayPal donation button in the hopes of stopping chargebacks.