aiming to incorporate HTML 5 Video player!

Twitch previously announced at Twitchcon last year, that they will be aiming to release the HTML 5 Video player this year.


So what does a Html 5 player mean to us viewers, it means that videos will be streamed faster and smoother like ever before. As is currently the most popular streaming site, it’s obvious that they should get on this technology right away before their competitors offer better services.

twitch html 5

This 5th gen Html video player would allow Twitch to perform not only on top of the line devices such as iPhones or Samsung Galaxies, but also the less spec and older phones which are unable to run twitch properly. This player will mean less random stutter in the video, and lower the chance of the visual and audio being out of sync.

As you can see in the picture above (through the link in reddit), a viewer asks a Twitch technician / staff about the Html 5 where the staff member replied that “there’s been a lot of progress lately”. So what does this mean? It surely hints that they are currently making this a top priority, and the likelihood of him being “unable to say anymore” means they will be announcing their progress soon.