Tyler1 Gets Perma-banned – Rundown and Video

Infamous Draven main on League of Legends; Tyler1 has officially been permanently banned by Riot Games.


Riot Games has announced that Tyler1 will now be permanently banned across all current and future accounts that are held by him.

Tyler1 has previously been banned on 17 separate account, for toxic behavior such as verbal abuse, intentional feeding and player harassment.

tyler1 banned

In the video, he mentions he will not be streaming League of Legends anymore for obvious reasons since Riot will ban his account. He is uncertain of his future and claims he will still pay League of Legends in his private time.

tyler1 2

As of now, this has caused an out roar in the League community, with the official post as of now receiving a huge 3.3k dislikes! Supporters of Tyler1 are outraged and claim that Tyler1 was one of the best and most entertaining streamers contributing to League of Legend’s “fun”

tyler1 3

He thanks all his supporters and claims he saw this moment coming and wasn’t too angry about it.