Tyler1 possibly getting unbanned on League of Legends

Phreak talks with another Riot employee on Tyler1 and his ban

Phreak on his Twitch stream conversed with another fellow Riot employee on Tyler1. As many know, the two haven’t gotten along very well, as Phreak claimed Tyler1 was “talentless” and repeatedly acted passive aggressive to him in the past. Tyler1 too dislikes Phreak, as in the past the game between the two went horribly as Tyler banned Phreak’s champion in champ select and lead to him trolling later in the game due to Phreak’s poor performance. As a result, Tyler1 recently made a video playing League of Legends while being banned, playing against Phreak where he totally annihilated the Riot caster. The game can be viewed right below.


Back in Phreak’s video, he mentions that he doesn’t think there is a rivalry between the two, but continuingly holds a negative view of him. While earlier when his friend mentioned “free tyler1” and such, Phreak states that those words shouldn’t be in the same sentence, Phreak at the end said he doesn’t mind Tyler1 being unbanned if he gets “reformed”.

Another Riot employee also states that Riot does in fact pass permanent bans, which means the “Free Tyler1” movement truly is possible as previously permanently banned player Jensen was “freed”

Check out Tyler1’s response Here!