Tyler1 unban incoming

Tyler1 has confirmed contact with Riot regarding his unban

After being permanently banned in League of Legends due to his toxicity, Riot has finally come into contact to Tyler1 to discuss about his unban. While Riot rarely issues indefinite bans, usually just banning accounts not the players themselves, Tyler 1 is a special case as his history when he started streaming league was extremely toxic and offensive.

This is the first public time T1 has announced he has been able to get in contract with Riot about the unban, as previously, both Riot twitter and Riot support ignored all his requests for answers. While tuning in to his stream or watching highlight clips of him now might not show he’s the brightest or friendliest of characters, Tyler1 has reformed and does deserve to be given a chance in both streaming and playing League once again.

The video talks about how he’ll stop playing other MOBAs, as he doesn’t feel the need to learn other games like HoN or Dota since Riot may unban him soon. While he won’t be unbanned now, it is definitely in the near future.