Tyloo Manager releases Team Schedule till December 2016



Tyloo’s manager just shared Tyloo’s upcoming schedule on Weibo: http://imgur.com/THg8Fre

  • Sept.24-25 CSL Final, China
  • Oct.1-4 WESG China Final
  • Oct.6-9 IeSF Final Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Oct.13-19 WCA, Beijing, China
  • Nov.3-11.6 Acer Predator Masters, Krefeld, Germany
  • Nov.12-13 IBP Masters, US
  • Nov.18-20 IEM Oakland, US (if qualified from iBP Masters)
  • Dec. China Cup, WCA, IGL, WESG Finals
  • Oct.20-Nov.10 Bootcamp @ Inferno Online, Sweden

Also confirmed the invites to Acer Predator Masters and iBP Masters. Hopefully no more visa issues.