TyLoo players eligible for 10-year U.S. entry visas!

TyLoo had recently relied of visa applications to enter the IBP Masters.


Tyloo had previously experienced troubles from entering tournaments outside of China, even though they were a top cs.go team that had placed extremely highly in multiple tournaments. Check out our coverage of the issue Here. TyLoo had previously missed out on multiple major tournaments and had to decline invites to due visa immigration issues, and thus missed out on the SL-I-League Invitational and the Season 1 of ELEAGUE. The ELEAGUE tournament that they were forced to decline boasted a major prize pool of $1.4 million, which was devastating for TyLoo.


The U.S government has announced they have granted long-term visas for Tyloo’s players which enables them to enter and leave the United States for events such as major tournaments which is great news for Tyloo. This will allow Tyloo not only the freedom to travel in and out the U.S for the tournaments, but grant them tons of international exposure every gaming organization seeks.

This news follows constant application towards the U.S government a month prior to the iBUYPOWER Masters 2016 in Costa Mesa, California held next month on the 12-13th of November.