Tyloo vs Cyberzen : Tips Tricks and Previews

Tyloo and Cyberzen are matched up in the finals of the  IMBA TV Cup to be held on the 28th of May 2016 at 1200 CEST

Imba TV

Tyloo has been the dominant force in the Asian CSGO Scene since quite a long time. They have been able to maintain their premier position by consistently defeating teams 2-0 over and over again. However  if there is any team that can possibly give them a run for their money it is Cyberzen. Czen have had success against Tyloo in the past and it wont be surprising to see them repeat their performance.


Tyloo’s roster consists of players who have become stars in the Chinese CSGO Scene such as DD and MO. The current match is the finals and the winner will get 10000 chinese yuan. The second place will be getting an amount of 5000 chinese yuan. Considering the difference in the prize pool it is but natural that the teams will be trying their best. In all consideration, Tyloo should win this, but seeing their odds for this match it makes sense to bet low on Cyberzen.


Cyberzen have proven themselves in the past against Tyloo and it wouldn’t be surprising if they pull off an upset yet again.


The Prediction : 70%-30% Tyloo

The Bet : Low Cyberzen