Tyloo vs Cyberzen; Tips,Odds and Betting Previews –

eSports Festival 2016

eSports Festival 2016 LP


Tyloo and Cyberzen are matched up against each other in the eSports Festival 2016 to be held on the 21st August 2016 at 1500 CEST.


Tyloo are the premier team in China. But their dominance in the Asian scene for sure has been on a wane. The Tyloo team relies mainly on their better firepower. The last two – 3 times these teams played together Tyloo has won ,but the margin of victory has been extremely slender.

Cyberzen are the next best team in the region. They have consistently given Tyloo a run for their money. Most of the series played out between the two have been extremely close. 


It shouldn’t be expected that this series would be any different. It makes sense for a low Bet on cyberzen


The Prediction: 60℅-40℅ Tyloo

The Bet : Low on Cyberzen