Tyloo vs EDG;Tips,Odds and Betting Previews – eSports Festival 2016

Tyloo and EDG are matched up against each other in the eSports Festival 2016 to be held on the 20th of August 2016 at 0400 CEST.


Tyloo are undoubtedly the better Asian CsGo team. Granted their dominance has reduced over the course of time, however the team definitely still remains on top. They have been losing ground to cyberzen who are inching closer by the day. However Tyloo have always managed to pull out wins over their local opponents.



EDG have had mixed results. They have been able to win matches against somewhat well known teams such as mith and signature , however they have also lost to other unknown teams which should have been an easy win.

eSports Festival 2016

eSports Festival 2016

Overall Tyloo still looks to be the stronger team. While they aren’t as safe a vet as they used to be but the team still manages to pull out wins.


The Prediction: 65℅-35℅ Tyloo

The Bet : Low on Tyloo