Tyloo vs Mongolz – Rising Stars Tips, Odds and Preview

Rising StarsTyloo vs Mongolz   




Roster : DD, Mo, Fancy1, qz, somebody.


Tyloo are undoubtedly the number one Asian Team right now. Their wins have not only been good wins but also very dominant. It does seem that while they might not have the best in terms of strats, they have much superior aim than anyone else in the Asian scene. Their performance has been astounding to the effect that they have been winning matches even at insane odds. The risk of them potentially playing bad is really low. There have been some losses for them however and that has happened at a LAN finale. It was a best of Five match and the lack of map pool did show itself on that particular match.




Roster : Machinegun, Menace, ncl, Tsogooo. Zilkenberg


Mongolz have been really in form in their past few matches. By defeating teams such as NXL, CZEN, Threats Mongolz definitely seem to be on form here. Their roster and play depends a lot on Machinegun and Zilkenberg. These two players make the clutch plays and the entry frags which eventually give them a huge advantage in the round. That does mean that they have a statistical advantage in the map which Tyloo definitely does not have. What Mongolz do lack is the insane aim of Tyloo. Tyloo are still the better team aimwise, but as we have seen before they do not perform too well on certain maps. I expect Mongolz to pick up train as its a map that they do well on. They have also played several Train matches recently, so their performance on Train has to be optimal right now




This match warrants a bet on the odds. Tyloo’s odds are bound to be very high considering how safe they have been as a bet recently in Asia. However they do not  reflect the true odds. A low bet on Mongolz would be the smartest choice here. Whether they do end up winning or not is yet to be seen though.


Head to Head


The Prediction : 75%-25% Tyloo

The Bet : Low Mongolz