Tyloo win CSL tournament


TyLoo won the CSL 2016 Finals after defeating 5POWER 2-1 in the grand final (16-11 on Cache, 12-16 on Mirage, and 16-12 on Cobblestone).


The CSL Starleague tournament was a four team tournament held in China. The four teams involved were Tyloo, 5Power, Boot and Born of Fire.


Tyloo and 5Power advanced to the finals after defeating their respective opponents.


Tyloo had a dominating Cache CT side as they had a tremendous 12-3 lead on the CT side. It was but a matter of time before they managed the win on Cache. Despite being 3-12 down ; 5power managed a comeback of sorts and managed to reach 11 rounds.

The Second map was Mirage. Mirage had a similar start for Tyloo. This saw them extending their lead to 12-5. However 5Power managed to get 11 rounds in a row in order to win the map 16-12.

The third and final decider map was Cobblestone. This was a much closely fought map , however Tyloo won the match 16-12.