Tyloo win WESG China Finals


Tyloo won over their arch nemesis in VG.Cyberzen at the WESG China Finals. They won a Cash Prize of $15000 along with a seat at the WESG Global Finals.

The rivalry between the two finalists has seen some intense games and this match was no exception. Tyloo won the match, but the match was extremely close with some overtime wins for Tyloo.


The first map was on Train. VG.Cyberzen started out afresh on this map and were actually leading the map by quite a bit. However the mental fortitude of Tyloo was visible for all to see as they made a fantastic comeback to win the map 19-17 in overtime.

The second map seemed totally different. VG.Cyberzen just got crushed by Tyloo. It might have been a consequence of how Tyloo won Map number 1. But either ways, Tyloo won the series 2-0 against VG.Cyberzen in the finals of WESG China.



Prize distribution:

1. TyLoo – $15,000 + WESG 2016
2. VG.CyberZen – $7,500 +  WESG APAC Regional Finals
3. FIVE –  $3,750 + WESG APAC Regional Finals