Ukraine vs Greece, Tips, Odds and Betting Previews; World Championships EU Qualifier



Ukraine and Greece are matched up against each other in the EU Qualifiers for the World Championships match to be held on the 12th of August 2016 at 1600 CEST.


Ukraine has a star-studded roster which includes players such as Shara, Ange1, Coldyy, smike and arch. The lineup is a dominant lineup consisting of majority of ex-Cyberfocus players. Ukraine’s roster has a much better aim as compared to that of Greece. They have been playing together in one team or against each other quite frequently. As such their team chemistry is also quite good. The lineup predominantly likes to play on Cache, Mirage and Dust2.


Greece has a pretty weak lineup comparatively. They have limited experience on the international stage & their performance definitely will fall short in this match against Ukraine. Greece has a very poor track record against lower rung teams such as Ireland, Macdeonia and Andorra.


There is a very high skill gpa between the two teams with Ukraine coming out ahead. This should be a very easy match for the Ukrainian side.


The Prediction : 78%-22% Ukraine

The Bet : Medium to High on Ukraine