Unconfirmed : Immortals might replace Zews with Steel ( G3x)

According to  a Brazilian news source, Immortals might be looking at a roster swap soon. This is mainly because of the underperformance by the former SK gaming Coach.


Zews has been a phenomenal coach for the Brazilian world champions. He helped the team reach two consecutive major titles. However the player within Zews was always present and so it was not surprising to see him wanting to be on a team. Immortals was the obvious choice due to language and proximity to the players. Immortals on their part believed they would immensely benefit from the experience and the guidance of Zews. However his performance within the game has been way below par. Immortals were unable to win titles or make deep inroads into a few titles.


As such they have announced that zews will no longer be playing for the team. The poor performance at ESL Pro League and Eleague might have been the catalyst for this announcement.


If rumors are to be believed then Immortals might acquire the services of Steel ( from G3X).