Underage Overwatch players in South Korea being hassled by the police

South Korea has a age restriction of 15 years for FPS games. Overwatch is classified as 15+ in South Korea. Despite being classified as such it is immensely popular amongst the elementary school players. Recently south korea won the Overwatch World cup in a 4-0 fashion. The stomp reassures their dominance in the competitive Overwatch scene

Chosun, a local player who is not yet 15 years old :

I don’t want to go to the internet cafe because I can’t play Overwatch there. If I play Overwatch, the cafe owner shouts at me and turns off the computer. I am also scared of people reporting me to police if I were to play the game.

When contacted by websites for a comment, the police officers had this to say

There were few reports of kids playing Overwatch in May, but the number of the reports has significantly increased in the second half of the year. The children who were reported playing Overwatch are just little boys, so we just sent them home to stop them from playing.

In the case of Overwatch for the rest of the world, it is rated 13 in North America, 16 in Germany, and on average 12 for the rest of Europe. This case indicates that Korea’s age ratings are not too unusual, but complaints by the Korean gaming community ensue.

While the law enforcement authorities are just enforcing the law of the land, maybe the law needs to have a revision. We definitely see much more violent content on television and the internet.