Unicorns of Love drops player “Move”

Jungle player “Move” has failed to get his contract renewed and officially parted ways with Unicorns of Love

While Unicorns of Love did perform well with “Move” and his team ended on an high standing with first place at IEM Oakland, Move was the only player who failed to get his contract renewed. The remaining 4 players on Unicorns of Love either had their contract recently renewed, or expiring next year. This means the team will be looking solely for a new Jungler to start the Spring Split.

The team announced via facebook regarding the decision to drop “Move”. They mentioned that “Min-su “Move” Kang, is now a free agent and actively looking for a new team.” While “Move” is a great player, the announcemenet claimed that they believed that it would be “possible for the team to play even better with another jungler”.