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Asia Pacific University in Malaysia has launched a new esports program

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Education institutions in the west have expanded into esports extremely fast recently, many already having their own esports teams and some even offering university scholarships to exceptional players. However, a special Malaysian university has taken the esports craze further by offering courses in esports which at the end would grant the student a certificate in esports. Asia Pacific University and eSports Malaysia launched the APU eSports Academy, a new university program comprising of 3 different levels of education, and different games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or FIFA. The courses have been announced to run for 12 weeks, where each week will be comprised of 4 hour worth of classes. While this may seem fairly short, honestly, this course isn’t too much to it as player will be taught about tactics, contracts and player rights.

Zierasmayu Binti Abd Rahman, the advisor for the APU esports club said this course cam to birth through a huge push within the university when it first offered scholarships for professional gamers. The university also offers competitive game development, so the new addition for a more player orientated course was to be expected. Since the announced, the university has announced they have been flooded with applications from prominent students, and the classes will definitely be filled as each class consists of a maximum of 30-40 students.