Upcoming Heroic Taven brawl is insane!

The upcoming weekly tavern brawl is an INSANELY high stakes arena run, costing 1000 gold to enter.

The insane high stakes Tavern brawl will be exactly like the Arena format, however, it will cost the player of either $10 USD or 1000 gold. As expected, the prizes that go along with the number of wins you get has been significantly increased. As the table shows below, need atleast 6-7 wins to even “break even”, since the wins there will be worth roughly 1000 gold. The current average wins for arena is around 3, so breaking even is an extremely hard task, as only the most skilled would even break even. Not to mention, getting below 6-7 wins will result in a enormous loss for the player entering the Heroic Tavern Brawl. Think about it, if you get 0 wins, you lose 900 gold flat.

Normal arena runs require the player to win at least 3-5 times to break even, depending if you receive single cards or dust. This means that the heroic tavern brawl really isn’t for the average casual player, since many already struggle from breaking even in regular Arena runs. You should only enter this if you are absolutely confident in your skills as an arena player, since only getting 9 or above wins will be worth the risk and effort of getting that far.

As you can see, the prize of reaching 12 wins in the Heroic tavern brawl is absolutely ridiculous. But watch out, as less than 1% of players will get the 12 wins. That said, the prize from reaching 12 wins will be 50 packs, 1100 ish gold and dust and also 3 golden legendaries.