URF is gone, will it return in 2018?

After a good 2 weeks, URF has once again been locked up

Summoners rift

Ultra Rapid Fire, the fan favourite game mode in League of Legends is returning to its slumber once again. Gone is the unlimited mana, crazy attack speed and 80% cooldown reduction. However, don’t fear, URF will make its way back into 2018.

Riot has previously stated URF will return at least twice a year. However, it’ll likely be another twisted / altered URF mode, not the original mode that allows players to choose any champion they wish.

If you wonder why Riot doesn’t release the normal URF more often, it’s because they state players tend to quit playing LoL after binging URF for a few days / weeks. Due to this, they not only barely release the much loved mode, but also refuse to release the original version. In other words, they starve players so we all play the game more, pretty selfish if you ask me.