URF returns!

Riot will be releasing AR URF for 2 weeks


The most popular game mode in League of Legends, of coruse excluding normal summoners rift, Ultra Rapid Fire mode is returning. As many would have already guessed, Riot will be releasing AR URF on the upcoming patch. This was made fairly well known due to it’s release / testing on the Pubic Beta Testing Enviroment (PBE) 2 weeks ago to remove any bugs that Riot claims wreaks havoc in the mode.

In the mode, players will receive manaless / energyless skills, where they essentially have infinitely mana. In addition, players are buffed with + movement + attack speed and + passive gold. Not to mention, the signature 80% cool down reduction that EVERYONE absolutely loves. URF is absolutely insane, the mode bring back many League players just for the mode and is expected to bring in hundreds of thousands of returning players.

As this is AR urf, players will be randomly given champions in champion select. While this isn’t exactly what players want, it prevents the same champions from constantly appearing in every URF game.