Urgot to be reworked – LoL

After so long as one of the worst champions, Urgot will finally get a rework!

Riot has finally decided to pay some special attention to our favourite troll pick, Urgot. While Urgot did get some spot light last year in some youtube videos and more troll type competitive games, he has generally always been a weaker character ever since almost all his rivals champions get buffed. Riot will completely rework the Urgot kit and give him a clean visual update, slash art wise and in game.

The Urgot kit is much more skilled now, while it has retained idea of the lock on skill and the signature spam, the rest has been hugely changed. This has made Urgot less of an Marksman type character, but instead likely an extremely strong top laner or jungler, and there is no doubt we will be seeing a lot more of Urgot.

Passive – Deal extra damage in a cone when Urgot auto attacks in the direction of one of his legs. One set off, it will be on cooldown

Q – Fire a charge at a location, detonates after a short delay and will lock onto targets. (prioritizes champions)

W – A shield and will shoot targets within a medium circle of Urgot, prioritizes locked on targets and will go through other targets. Also triggers passive, additional damage with leg direction

E – Charges a short distance. Champions hit will be “locked on” and will slip them behind Urgot, simular to a singed flip (but a skill shot).

R – Fire a slow to medium speed projectile, if it hits a target, they will be extremely slowed for a fairly long duration. If the target is below a certain health level, it will drag them towards Urgot.